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One way to cut costs and calories is to switch to non-alchoholic drinks. This is all very well if you are the sort of person that can drink endless cups of tea and coffee. For most of us however having a glass of something nice in the evenings helps us to relax and if we are off the booze for whatever reason we still want a glass of something nice.

This is when things become rather tricky. You can drink coke or other such things but they don’t feel “special” it’s a drink not a glass of something nice. So you have a look at the “special” section and realise that everything there is wildly expensive and full of sugar. Yes Schloer I am looking at you with your tempting array of flavours, posh looking bottles, high calorie count and hefty price tag.

That is why I was so please to stumble upon Aldi Fruit Crushes. These are really lovely, really cheap and really low in calories. My mission is complete. They come in three flavours and I shall now extol the virtues of each

First is Mexican Lime. It is suitably sour, a glorious colour and a meagre 2 calories per 100ml. On its own with ice and a slice it is refreshing and does not get too sickly. It also can be mixed with tequila and triple sec to make a long version of a margarita that is divine.

Second we have Elderflower and Pear, the name alone should suggest just how lovely it is and it is lovely. Once again not too sweet and with a delicious perfumed taste that is very grown up. This has 3 calories per 100ml so once again very low. Serve with ice and a slice of cucumber. If you are not avoiding the booze add a measure of gin for a perfect summer drink.

Finally we have Morello Cherry. The most calorific but still with only a teeny tiny 4 calories per 100ml. This has a sour, almost sherberty and a deep crimson colour. Just lovely, so refreshing and moreish. If using as a mixer it is wonderful with vodka and plenty of crushed ice.

All three cost just 49p for a litre bottle which makes them an absolute bargain in my book. OK they may not have lovely glass bottles but I can live with that 😉