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I’d seen this particular site recommended on a couple of forums. I’d always had a look and then not bothered ordering. It seemed like a bit of a faff and the delivery charges seemed a bit steep. I am a fan of having my Ocado groceries delivered at 11pm to get free delivery, I don’t like paying delivery charges if I can help it. But I registered anyway and thought about it.

Then they sent me an email informing me that my first order would be delivered free of charge if I spent over £20.  It just, got, interesting.  Now you would imagine that spending £20 is easy. It isn’t really. Not on this site.

The email also included a special offer on tuna, not low quality tuna but John West tuna chunks in brine and not the snack size ones either.  The cost?  £2.00 for 5 (yes Five) cans.  I ordered 10.  I now have an entire shoal of tuna inhabiting my spares cupboard. I didn’t however have enough for free delivery.  So I browsed, and I bought…

Cost Each
Quantity Cost
HP Brown Sauce 255g £0.50 2 £1.00
Pataks Original Garam Masala Curry Paste Hot Cinnamon and Ginger 283g £0.75 2 £1.50
Mcdougalls Vegetable Suet Mix 3500g £0.69 2 £1.38
Mrs Elswood Wasabi Sauce 270g £0.50 3 £1.50
Season Valley Garlic Mayonnaise 1 Litre £0.50 2 £1.00
Oxo 6 Chicken Stock Cubes £0.17 6 £1.02
FreeGells Cherry Menthol Sweets 3 Pack £0.50 2 £1.00
OFFER PRICE John West Tuna Chunks In Brine 185g £0.40 10 £4.00
Pureety Gourmet Texan Hickory Barbecue Marinade 64g £0.25 4 £1.00
Ritas Oyster Sauce 340g £0.50 2 £1.00
Starbucks Coffee Doubleshot Espresso and Milk 200ml £0.33 6 £1.98
Time Liquid Bio 735ml £0.75 2 £1.50
Nouvelle 100% Recycled White Toilet Tissue 9 Pack £2.75 1 £2.75
Snaps Spicy Tomato Flavour 39g £0.20 5 £1.00
Walkers Salt and Vinegar Flavour Crisps 34g £0.17 6 £1.02
Sub Total
Shipping £0.00
TOTAL £22.58

It really is the most random selection of products.

I may however not have realised just how BIG the vegetable suet was. I thought.. ah that’ll come in handy for dumplings and pastries, possibly puddings and at 69p it’s a lot cheaper than Atora! I’ll have a couple.   Just how many dumplings can one make from 7 kilos of suet? I could feed the street!

The rest of the items I am more than happy with and I will be ordering again in the future… once I have cleared some room. The service was impeccable, I had both text and email notifications about the day of delivery with the option to change days to suit me. Then on the day of delivery I was given a one hour timeslot.

For those with a big family the bulk items are great. You should be aware that many of the products are near to or even beyond their “best by” dates, however they are safe to eat and safe to store too. They have been checked and erm.. approved 😉


I won’t mention that they have Cadbury’s Creme Eggs on sale at 10 for a £1 😉

The Box

The contents


One way to cut costs and calories is to switch to non-alchoholic drinks. This is all very well if you are the sort of person that can drink endless cups of tea and coffee. For most of us however having a glass of something nice in the evenings helps us to relax and if we are off the booze for whatever reason we still want a glass of something nice.

This is when things become rather tricky. You can drink coke or other such things but they don’t feel “special” it’s a drink not a glass of something nice. So you have a look at the “special” section and realise that everything there is wildly expensive and full of sugar. Yes Schloer I am looking at you with your tempting array of flavours, posh looking bottles, high calorie count and hefty price tag.

That is why I was so please to stumble upon Aldi Fruit Crushes. These are really lovely, really cheap and really low in calories. My mission is complete. They come in three flavours and I shall now extol the virtues of each

First is Mexican Lime. It is suitably sour, a glorious colour and a meagre 2 calories per 100ml. On its own with ice and a slice it is refreshing and does not get too sickly. It also can be mixed with tequila and triple sec to make a long version of a margarita that is divine.

Second we have Elderflower and Pear, the name alone should suggest just how lovely it is and it is lovely. Once again not too sweet and with a delicious perfumed taste that is very grown up. This has 3 calories per 100ml so once again very low. Serve with ice and a slice of cucumber. If you are not avoiding the booze add a measure of gin for a perfect summer drink.

Finally we have Morello Cherry. The most calorific but still with only a teeny tiny 4 calories per 100ml. This has a sour, almost sherberty and a deep crimson colour. Just lovely, so refreshing and moreish. If using as a mixer it is wonderful with vodka and plenty of crushed ice.

All three cost just 49p for a litre bottle which makes them an absolute bargain in my book. OK they may not have lovely glass bottles but I can live with that 😉


Today’s post comes courtesy of the lovely Anne also known and loved as Mrs Magic. She posted about a bargain she had found today and I just knew it would be perfect for the Middle Class Value blog. So I persuaded her to write a little guest post.

I love all things cupcakes; from selecting the cases, baking them, icing them and making them look pretty with decorations of choice but if they are to be taken somewhere else, all your hard work can end up looking like a three year old’s masterpiece. For a gift, pre-cut cardboard cupcake boxes are great, they are sturdy (and often pretty) but for reuse, not so great. A bit of left over chocolate icing does not always suit the next batch of lemon and greasy marks are a bit off-putting. They don’t keep the freshest in cardboard if they are not eaten the day they are made, a sealed container is much better.

I have lusted after a re-usable box, both as a caddy and storage for quite some time but simply could not justify the price tag in high street cookware shops, where there would not be much change from £30. Whilst braving the crowds in Asda on Good Friday, I came across this gem, a steal at £5. It’s sturdy and good quality, on a par with branded caddies, cheaper than cardboard in the long run too. It will hold 12 standard cupcakes (or muffins) or 24 minis. I will be heading back to Asda to buy another one this week, hopefully they won’t have all been snapped up by bargain hunting cupcake bakers by then!
The contents caddy and a cupcake stand/cake plate will make you the star of any occasion, both at home and away. All your cupcakes will be fresh, in perfect condition and will definitely get you an “ooh!”

Cupcakes to go

Reviews and other information about this product are on the Asda website here

For comparison this is the Lakeland version and this is where Anne has purchased her cardboard ones (or via eBay).

I love shopping, when I was working I loved buying clothes, shoes, bags, makeup etc and I also loved buying treats and things for my family.

I still love shopping but I have to do it differently. I’ve always loved a bargain but nowadays I get excited about the reduced section in supermarkets rather than a discount on a pair of Prada loafers.

Besides I can’t afford to go anywhere that would require the wearing of said loafers! 😉

So I shall blog of my exploits at the supermarket, market, eBay and various charity shops. What I will buy, what I won’t and why.