I do like a jacket potato and they are of course good for you, high in fibre, low in fat not to mention convenient. However I do like mine with toppings that are not exactly slimming. Tuna or prawn mayo, coleslaw, mountains of cheese, bacon bits, butter….

I do like beans on them now and again, or cottage cheese and I am a fan of them with leftover chilli or curry.

My problem comes when I have eaten the toppings and most of the potato and am left with the skin which I adore but am always tempted to add more toppings to.

These are alternative to a standard jacket spud and are a good way to keep the topping quantities under control

Ingredients and approximate cost

1 potato per person (25p)
2 bacon medallions per person (40p)
1 low fat cheese triangle per person (15p)

Total cost 80p per person

Simply pierce then microwave the potatoes until cooked. Whilst they are cooking cut the bacon into small pieces and dry fry until browned.

Pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees. Remove the potatoes from the microwave, cut in half and scoop out most of the potato. Place the skins into a baking tray and the scooped out potato into a bowl. Mash the potato and then add the bacon and cheese triangles and mix well.

Spoon this mixture back into the skins, spritz with frylight and bake until browned and crispy.

These are lovely as a light lunch or as a side dish
Try flaked tuna in place of the bacon
Spring onion lightly fried can be used as a vegetarian option
A spoon of salsa added to the skins before the potato adds syns but also a lot of flavour
Use normal cheese but remember to weigh and syn or take as an HE

Slimming World – this would be 1/2 syn for the cheese triangle on EE it could be adapted to Original and Green if the potato and bacon respectively were taken as HE