Last week’s meal plan did not go to, well to plan. On Wednesday my children came home from school and had eaten for lunch almost exactly what I was planning for dinner. This was NOT good.  I spoke to the school about it as the school meals are supposed to be planned and are online.  Apparently the introduction of a regular “Jacket Potato” day has knocked this all over the place.  Now I have arranged for the cook at the school to give me a copy of the meals every Monday morning.

This meant that we had soup for dinner one evening rather than the fish I had planned, the soup was made for lunches  but I simply made more 🙂 the fish was then eaten the next day and Thursday’s planned dinner disappeared from the menu altogether. The mince did make it into the homemade burgers we had on Saturday though and the curries remained in the freezer for another day.

Finally this weekend saw the best weather we have had in what seems like months so we went to the seaside and had fish and chips for the second time that week instead of the chicken roast I had planned.

On the plus side there was very little waste, the meals were all lovely and it just goes to prove that meal planning is a fantastic thing, but it does pay to be flexible.

Now on to this weeks menu

Monday – Chicken, bacon and leek pie with new potatoes and asparagus
Tuesday – Roast belly pork with mustard mash and spinach
Wednesday – Paella
Thursday –Tortellini with salami and olives
Friday – Lamb steaks with new potatoes
Saturday –Nachos
Sunday – Leftover brisket with gratin potatoes

Fish is a sort of missing due to the surplus last week but there are prawns in the paella and lunches will heavily feature tuna and salad as I attempt to make the most of the fine weather whilst I can.