Today’s guest post promises to be one in a series from the lovely Laura. She has promised to share her love of chutney with us in the form of  various recipes. I adore chutney and of course it makes an ideal homemade gift.

Hello my name is Laura and I’m a chutney-a-holic. There I said it, I am addicted to chutney, believe it or not I have only really had a love affair with chutney for the last 3 years, it began simply and innocently enough with a bit of burger relish and then carrot chutney on a cheese sandwich, I’ve now moved onto making my own which is very addictive, tasty and also cheap.
In September my husband and I made late autumn tomato chutney using the last of the tomatoes our parents had grown, we proceeded to give all but one of these jars away as gifts, big mistake! It was amazing and we managed to eat most of the jar in less than a month so we had to start rationing it. We were hoping to wait until it was tomato season and we could buy them cheaply to make some more but the thought of then having to wait two months for it to mature before we could eat it seemed a looooong time away so I relented on Monday and took a visit to our local Sainsburys to price up ingredients and take the plunge into solo chutney making.

Late autumn tomato chutney
1.3kg of tomatoes (I used 3 packs of Sainsburys basics tomatoes at 70p each)
750g Cooking apples (about 3, mine cost 80p)
375g Light Muscavado  suger (I used a mixture of light brown sugar I had at home)
250g Onions
200g Raisins (I used Sultanas as they were cheaper)
1 green pepper
2 tsp salt
½ tsp ground ginger
350ml Cider vinegar (Sainsburys do an own brand one for 99p)

Chop the onions, cooking apples and green pepper into small pieces. Peel and chop the tomatoes.
Put everything in a large pan and stir until the sugar has dissolved then allow to simmer for, well timing are useless as all chutney takes a different amount of time to cook so, just cook until it is a chutney consistency, most of the liquid will have reduced and the apple will be soft.

Chutney ready for cooking

Late Autumn Chutney

Put the chutney into clean sterilised jars* and keep for at least 2 months before eating. It makes about 7 jars.

Also try the bonus quick and easy chutney below.

Red onion chutney

750g Red onions
100g Caster Sugar
150ml Cider vinegar (or any wine vinegar would work just as well)
75cl bottle or red wine

Slice the red onions and mix with the sugar in a large pan and put on a medium heat for 10 mins or until the onions are soft and the sugar has all dissolved.

Add the wine and vinegar and allow the mixture to simmer until the chutney is reduced and sticky, I checked and gave it a good stir every 10 mins, it took roughly 30 mins for mine to get to that consistency, but it varies so don’t worry if it takes longer or less time.

Put the chutney into sterilised jars and age for at least a month before eating. Make approx 2 jars.

Red Onion Chutney

*  A note about jars, you can buy jars but why add that expense to your chutney? I tend to keep all attractive jars for gifts and normal jars for us, just wash them and remove the labels. I sterilise them buy putting the clean wet jars in a low oven with the lids for at least 10 mins, I remove the lids first and allow those to cool then put the warm chutney in the oven hot jars once the lid is on it creates a seal.

Jars ready to be sterilised